Get High-Quality Backlinks, IFTTT Syndication, Google Stacking, PBN & Social Media with complete on-page suggestions in this service that will improve your ranking & traffic in quick time.

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Q: How many keywords will be used? (IMPORTANT!)

A: We take 3-4 Main keywords as per the package and derive best 5-7 LSI keywords using same and then start link building by adding a few raw URL and generic keywords. This will provide a great boost to main keywords plus 100's of other long-tail keywords of your website as well which eventually increase overall traffic of website.

Q: What sites do you accept?
We do accept all kind of website include Adult, Porn and Gambling

Q: Do you accept new websites?
Yes, we do accept a brand new website with this.

Q: Can I use foreign keywords like Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, etc?
Yes, but they will be placed within English content.

Q: Do you provide an on-page suggestion?
Yes, we do provide, if required.

Q: Why the service is expensive?

A: It includes a lot of work in Plus Package if we talk about only articles there will be total 31 unique handwritten articles will be using, 4 at Tier-1, 17 in Secret Sauce, 10 in Turbo PBN. In Pro Package there are 75 unique handwritten articles will be used.

Q: What will the content be like?

A: All unique and hand-written, with varying lengths between 300-500 words to look authentic. Your keywords will be blended in naturally to be contextual and with sentiments.

Q: Do you give guarantee for Google Page 1 Rankings?

A: If you already ranked good somewhere then there is a huge chance that you can hit Google Page 1 Ranking within a month. But, if the keywords are competitive and nowhere or far from Page 1 in rankings we can't give guarantee for Page 1 in one month though you can see great Improvements but, you need have to use service for at least 2-3 months to get on Google Page 1 because, each keyword shows different behavior with different competition.

We give guarantee for a good improvement in rankings. This is practical we don't make false promises as we mentioned.

Q: How long for delivery?

A: We usually deliver the reports 2-3 week maximum. Maximum it will take 4 weeks to deliver depending on the orders in queue. Work requires a great amount of precision and we can compromise with the same to provide quality service.

Q: In How much time we can see results?

A: In 2-3 weeks after delivering the report, once the links start getting index you will see great improvement. Sometimes you can see improvement before delivery of reports as well.
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