In this service, I will provide 500 PBN backlinks on 500 different websites.

Backlinks are an incredibly important part of SEO, and they can be tricky to get just right. Even if you’re focusing on quality links from one source, you’ll likely encounter the issue of an unbalanced link profile. Too many links from one source look unnatural and can be just as dangerous to your SEO. You need to diversify, that is what we are offering in this service for a budget price.

Most of the will be done with contextual articles relevant to your niche.

PBN's or Private Blog Network are set of Small Websites with quality content which provide a link to your Major Big Website from where you make sales or money through advertising. PBN is one of the strongest SEO tactics which boost your main website ranking in search engine results within few weeks.

I accept 1 website link and up to 10 keywords per order. I may accept multiple URL's (up to 10) but only if they are from the same domain and the keywords are the same for all them. If each link has a different keyword, that needs to be a separate order.

One order is for one website link only.
Full report will be provided at the end.
Google, Panda, Hummingbird Safe
Adsense Safe
Articles will be crated for each, niche related.
100% Satisfaction

All I need from you, after you place your order is your website link and up to 10 keywords
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