Fix Your Reputation with Us! Best Online Product Story Teller


Fix Your Reputation with Us! Best Online Product Story Teller
Your online reputation is critical to keep up online this day and age with products and businesses!

 I will help you by telling your customers about your product or service on any ONE online site (that is in English) that you'd like for me to on the internet. For only an additional $10 extra you can add special sauce to your description by looking up & implementing SEO niche keywords into your product or service description. This little trick of the trade will allow you to eventually out rank and out shine your competition like you never imagined! RULES of ENGAGEMENT: No more than 5 descriptions on any one single website or reputation management platform. Maximum multiple orders is ten at one time. Limit 30 orders per month and no more than 100 descriptions per year. Thank you for visiting my Gig description on SEO Clerks and I look forward to doing business with you real soon!

What you get for $25:

5 lovely and attractive product or business services stories told about your business or online merchandise on any one website or split between any multiple sites online.

ADD ONS for $10 EXTRA:

I will include valuable & powerful SEO niche keywords terms to your online product or business that I am describing for you. What will this do you ask? Well this magical little trick allows the review to be crawled and your top keyword terms picked up by search engines everywhere on the internet. This will in time place your product searches or business service searches above and ahead of anyone else's whom is also competing and advertising online. Many don't know about these little tricks. Try out my service and if you aren't happy I promise to give you your next ones half off!


This is what I will need from you:

Which sites you want to have your business or product discussed about on?

How many times "per" site you want your product or service description left?

What your company name and/or product name so we can find you?

What do you want me to say in the description or do you want me to just freestyle it?

Do you have any special instructions for me before I start your gig soon?

I stand behind my work 100% and I more than eager to help and assist you in beating out your rivals & competition!

IG @BlockchainDataTechnology

Thank you
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